Single Family Rental Licensing

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Momentum: A New Process for RENTAL LICENSES!

All Prince George’s County Rental Licenses, including Single Family Rental Licenses, are processed in Momentum, the County's new online system. The new system allows customers to submit applications, upload documentation and make payments online. When the applications have been reviewed and approved, customers will be able to print their licenses at work or at home.

  • For more information about Momentum, registration, step-by-step instructions, and "how to" videos,
    click Momentum Information.
  • To go straight to the application, click Momentum Portal.

Rental Property Licenses

  • The following Rental Licenses are processed in Momentum:
  • Short-Term Rental Host
  • Short-Term Rental Platform
  • Single Family Rental
  • Multifamily Rental
  • All required documents need to be uploaded into Momentum

Rental License Responsibilities in Prince George's County

  • All Short-Term Rental Licenses are administered by DPIE's Enforcement Division.

  • All Single-Family and Multifamily Rental Licenses are also administered by DPIE's Enforcement Division, except for the following cities/towns which are NOT licensed in our jurisdiction:
    Berwyn Heights, Bowie, Brentwood, Capitol Heights, Cheverly, College Park, District Heights, Edmonston, Forest Heights, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, Landover Hills, Mount Rainier, New Carrollton, Riverdale Park, Seat Pleasant, Town of Laurel and University Park.

For questions related to single-family, multifamily and short-term rental licenses, email

License Fee

A single family rental property must have a valid rental license. The license fee is $115 for a 2-year license.


Exemptions are:
  1. If the tenant is the landlord's parent, son, daughter, sibling, grandchild, grandparent or in-law
  2. If the landlord is an active member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces, Diplomatic Corps or Foreign Service, who maintains the subject property for his/her domicile and permanent residence.
  3. If the landlord has been relocated for employment or education, maintains the subject property as his/her domicile and permanent residence, and the subject property has not been leased for more than two (2) consecutive years.
Single Family Home

More Information

If a rental property is located where there is a Condominium Association, Cooperative Housing Corporation or Homeowners’ Association, certification must be provided from the appropriate entity that the dwelling unit does not have a lien for non-payment or Common Ownership fees and the dwelling unit does not violate any existing covenants or bylaws.

Lease Agreement Information for Seniors

Per CB-59-2015, Prince George’s County seniors living in specified age-restricted housing have the opportunity to enter into a 24-month lease agreement. Seniors will not incur fees or rent increases for the term of the lease. Landlords are required to provide written notice concerning the 24-month period when entering into a new lease or a renewal lease.

Should you have questions regarding this policy, please call 311.