Enforcement Forms

The Enforcement Division enforces property maintenance standards for single family properties, multifamily properties, zoning and commercial properties, and has a Special Operations Unit to support the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) and Demolition Program. Also included is the Environmental Health Division for environmental engineering and food protection services maintained through the Health Department.

Forms & Licenses

  1. Agreement to Maintain a Gateway Sign (PDF)
  2. Disclosure Statement (PDF)
  3. Foreclosure Registration Form (PDF)
  4. Instructions to Request Inspections (PDF)
  5. MPIA Request Form (PDF)
  6. Rental Housing License Application User Manual (PDF)
  7. Rental Housing License Renewal User Manual (PDF)
  8. How to Renew Your Existing Rental Housing License Guide (PDF)
  9. Short-Term Rentals Checklist (PDF)
  10. STR Proof of Intent to Apply for License HOA (PDF)
  11. STR Proof of Intent to Apply for License Neighbor Notification (PDF)
  12. Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal Inspection Violation Report (PDF)
  13. Single Family Rental License ONLINE ONLY (PDF)


  1. Abutters Ordinance Regarding Snow Removal (PDF)
  2. Anti-Litter and Weed Ordinance (PDF)


  1. Homeowner and Community Code Enforcement - print and fold in half (PDF)
  2. Multifamily Housing Code Enforcement (PDF) print and fold

Rent Stabilization Information

  1. Legislation Regarding Rent Stabilization landing page to links (PDF)
  2. FAQs for CB-007-2023 and CB-51-2023
  3. Preguntas frecuentes sobre la Ley de Estabilizacion de Rentas CB-007-2023 y CB-51-2023 en espanol (PDF)