Trade Permits Accepted in Momentum

Mechanical trade worker, HVAC, man installing new motor in furnace

New trade permits (electrical and mechanical) that do not require a building permit are now accepted in Momentum. If your electrical or mechanical permit is related to an existing construction permit that was issued in ePermits, you must continue to use this process to apply for that electrical or mechanical permit in ePermits with the same link you have been using, referencing the existing case number.

Otherwise, you will use the legacy ePermits online system for the following only:

  1. Cell Tower Permits
  2. Special Utility Permits
  3. Department of Environment Permits
  4. Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Permits that are associated with an existing permit in ePermits 
  5. For Sewer/septic applications please fill out this application and forward to
  6. For Well applications please fill out this application and forward to  
  7. For revisions to applications/permit prior to 5/1/23, you must utilize the existing revision process through ePlan.

For all other permits you must use Momentum.

DPIE construction permits are also accepted in Momentum, following the same exceptions.