Damaged Property Inspection and Report

1. How do I request a damaged property inspection and report?
All damage inspections must be requested through the Inspections Division. Please email dpieinspectionsadmin@co.pg.md.us or call 301-883-3820.

2. How long will it take for an inspector to conduct an inspection, once a damage inspection request has been submitted?
An inspector will contact you within five (5) business days to schedule an inspection.

3. When will the damage report be available, and where can it be picked up? 
The damage report is available within 48 hours of the request, along with an email sent directly to the owner.
Your insurance company may also request a copy of the damage report. 

4. Will I need to obtain a mold air quality test due to water damage in my home or business?
To properly identify mold or have the air quality tested in your home or business, you will need to hire a private contractor. The County does not provide this type of testing. 

5. Will I need to retain a master electrician to evaluate my electrical system due to water and fire damage?
Yes. A licensed master electrician is required to evaluate your electrical system. 

6. Are building plans required to obtain a permit for structural damage? 
Building plans are only required if an inspector or design professional requests them. If the damages are minor, a written description of work to be completed will suffice.

7. Is a structural engineer required to evaluate the structural integrity of the home due to structural damage? 
Yes. Structural integrity due to structural damage requires a structural engineer to inspect.

8. How do I submit a permit for the repairs?
Building Permit applications are completed online. Please go to the Momentum portal and enter the information directly into the County’s Permitting System.