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Development Forms and Checklists

View Forms and Checklists for Helpful Information

DPIE has created several forms and checklists to assist businesses with the permitting, licensing and inspections processes.

  • Permitting Forms — A detailed list of permit forms
  • Building Plan Review Forms— Forms for building/structure plan, electrical/mechanical plan and fire/life safety plan reviews; environmental reviews; and water/sewer connections
  • Health Forms— Forms for permits for food facilities and food service managers, County business licenses, new pool operations, etc.
  • Inspection Forms— Forms for site/road, residential building, commercial building and fire/life safety inspections
  • Licensing Forms— Forms for various permits and licenses related to business activities per County Code
  • Site/Road Plan Review Forms and Checklists— Forms related to the Site/Road Plan Review Division, which conducts site plan reviews, traffic engineering and utility/technical support