Boards and Commissions Forms

The Telecommunications Transmission Facility Coordinating Committee (TTFCC) encourages the co-location of telecommunication facilities on existing structures and minimizes the community impact of new telecommunication facilities by promoting alternative sites and techniques to mitigate the visual impact.


TTFCC Applications

  1. Application for a New Tower or Monopole (PDF)
  2. Application for Co-location of Antennas on an Existing Support Structure (PDF)
  3. Application for Minor Modifications to an Existing Telecommunication Site (PDF)
  4. Small Wireless Facility in Right of Way Supplemental Form (PDF)

TTFCC Helpful Publications

  1. Design Manual for Small Wireless Facilities (PDF)
  2. Design Review Checklist Small Wireless Facility (PDF)
  3. Master License Agreement for Small Wireless Facilities (PDF)

Nuisance Abatement Form

  1. Summary of Nuisance Complaint (PDF)