Wellness Challenges

Work of Art Wellness Challenge - Fall 2021

August 30 to September 24

This emotional well-being Challenge is designed to enhance resilience and cultivate happiness. There’s no set formula or specific guideline for being happy. How you interact with others, the way you manage life’s up and downs, thoughts and attitudes you choose, and the relationships you nurture make up the rich tapestry of you: your personal work of art.

 And although you’ll be crafting art on your mobile or desktop device, you don’t have to be an artist to thrive in Work of Art. As you complete activities, you value and track progress by “painting” images with personal meaning, you’ll create a unique experience to support ongoing emotional health and happiness.

Spring Into Motion Wellness Challenge - Spring 2021

April 12 to May 7

This physical activity program is a fun and inspiring way to move more. Whether you cycle around your neighborhood or jog around the block, you choose the activity—do the same thing each day or try something different—as you discover something new about spring each week.

Logging exercise is simple with Spring Into Motion. If you’re using a tracking device or app, just sync it with your computer and your steps automatically load into your Spring Into Motion account. Or record your favorite activity, along with dedicated exercise minutes, and the program automatically converts your minutes to steps. Delicious recipes, inspiring articles, and motivating daily emails help you keep moving. 

Challenge Winners

HealthTrails Wellness Challenge - Summer 2020

August 10 to September 4

What could be more fun than tracking health improvements on virtual interactive trails all over the world? Whether it’s Spain’s French Way, Denmark’s West Coast Trail, tropical Honolulu, or any of the other fascinating international routes, you’ll be rewarded with exciting images and descriptions of each area’s people, places and history. Plus, you’ll be inspired to keep moving toward better health with this wellness program.

HealthTrails is your invitation to get you and your colleagues on the path to better health.

  • Recruit others to join you in HealthTrails 

  • Inspire others to enhance their health habits

  • Gain inspiration to meet your own goals

To make it even more fun – and simple – you can use a tracking device to record your daily steps. Just put the wireless activity tracker on in the morning, sync it with your computer or app, and your steps automatically loads to your HealthTrails account.

Challenge Winners