Life as A County Employee

Prince George’s County Government is committed to a positive, supportive, and empowering experience for all County employees.


Employees, with certain exceptions, have the right to organize and bargain collectively as a union.  Unions negotiate specific terms and conditions of employment (examples: pay rates, work hours) with County Government through Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).  You may be covered by a CBA – check your Offer Letter or ask your Agency HRL.  You can review your CBA on the OHRM website.

Employee Leave

There are several types of leave available to County employees.

  • 24 hours for full-time or 16 hours for part-time employees per calendar year
  • You start with the full number of hours on your first day
  • Must use by the end of the calendar year or lose it
  • Earn 4 hours per pay period for personal use such as vacation for the first 3 years
  • Earn 6 Hours per pay period beginning fourth (4th) year through the fifteenth (15th) year = 20 days per year
  • Earn 8 Hours per pay period beginning the sixteenth (16th) year = 26 days per year
  • Requests for 5+ days should be made at least 14 days in advance
  • Roll over up to 360 hours into the new calendar year (additional hours convert to sick leave)
  • Up to 360 hours paid upon separation
  • Earn 4.5 hours per pay period
  • Used for illness or serious health conditions for yourself and your family
  • Can use up to 5 working days of sick leave for bereavement leave
  • Granted by Agency Appointing Authority to all employees eligible for annual leave
  • Used for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Eligible to receive up to five days or 40 hours (as part of 15 weeks of FMLA)
  • Must be used within 12 months of birth or adoption

Additional Employee Leave information can be found in Administrative Procedure 284.


Pay Schedule

You can review the full payroll schedule in your NEOGOV Portal.  New employees should expect a four-week time lapse before their first paycheck.

Sample schedule of when to expect the first paycheck


Contact Human Resources Management


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