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Employee Mandatory Training

Annual County Employee Mandatory Online Training

The Office of Human Resources (OHRM) Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development Division (LPOD) requires County employees to complete Annual Compliance Education (ACE) Mandatory Training. This annual training is a requirement for all County employees to support professional development and ensure employees are apprised of pertinent information on a consistent basis.


FY 2024 Annual Compliance Education (ACE) Mandatory Training

Annual Compliance Education is mandatory trainings assigned at the discretion of OHRM on at least an annual basis. In addition to ensuring that all County employees complete annual compliance courses, LPOD is excited to provide additional course offerings.


1. Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion: Diversity in the Workplace: Diversity for All (20 min.)
2. Ethics: Ethical Decision Making in the Workplace (30 min.)
3. Safety: Employee Safety Awareness (20 min.)
4. Employment Liability: The Biased Brain (5 min.)
5. Employment Liability: Implicit Bias in Action (5 min.)
6. Employment Liability: Consequences of Bias (10 min.)
7. Employment Liability: C.A.R.E. About Implicit Bias (20 min.)
8. Employment Liability: Challenge Organizational Bias (15 min.)
9. Employment Liability: Understanding Geographic Identity and Biases (5 min.)


How to Complete Required Trainings

County employees will be assigned the learning plan on Friday, March 1, 2024, and are required to complete the trainings listed below online in the County Learning Management System (LMS). The following courses will be assigned for FY 2024 (March 1- May 31, 2024):

Instructions on how to navigate and perform specific actions in the LMS are on the County Learning and
Development website, including:

How to Login to NEOGOV Learn Instruction Guide
How to Enroll in a Course Instruction Guide
How to Complete an Online Course Instruction Guide
How to Complete a Survey Instruction Guide
How to Drop (Withdraw) from a Course Instruction Guide
How to Access Transcript and Course Certificate Instruction Guide

Access the Learning Plan

You may access the learning plan from your NEOGOV Dashboard starting on March 1, 2024.



Please contact your Agency Training Coordinator or the LPOD Division at if you have any questions or issues completing the training.

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