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Employee and Labor Relations Services

Consultation and Counseling

Employee and Labor Relations provides consultation and counseling to all employees and supervisors. 

Confidential counseling is crucial to provide the necessary information for employees and supervisors to make well-informed decisions. Employee consultation and counseling consists of assisting and informing employees and supervisors of:

  • County policies, procedures and rules concerning transfers, grievances, disciplinary actions, and performance evaluations.
  • Appropriate means of intervention and correction for unacceptable behavior and/or substandard performance.
  • Career development opportunities.

To request this service, complete the Consultation and Counseling Request Form.

Collaborative Problem-Solving 

When employees and supervisors are unable to resolve issues on their own, we are here to help. Our role is to make sure both parties state their issues clearly and completely. When someone requests assistance, we provide honest feedback to help make informed decisions about available options. We are committed to treating all issues with the greatest discretion and respect and maintaining appropriate confidentiality. Upon request, and with the agreement of both parties, Employee and Labor Relations staff will facilitate discussions between employees and management.

What to expect at the conclusion of the meeting:

  • Each party had the ability to clearly articulate their concern or issue.
  • Clarity on expectations, policies, and procedures.
  • Your compromise will be documented.

Employee and Labor Relations staff are available to help employees or supervisors prepare and navigate challenging issues and discussions. Our goal is to help employees and supervisors achieve a fair and equitable outcome to enhance their working relationships.

We provide neutral and unbiased information to:

  • Help clarify relevant policies and procedures.
  • Help each party state their issues and concerns clearly (orally and in writing).
  • Provide guidance on how to positively approach issues. 

Scenarios that Collaborative Problem-Solving may apply (but not limited to) are:

  • Clarifications of job duties and responsibilities 
  • Expectations of time and attendance 
  • Questions regarding how to raise a concern or issue to a staff or supervisor.


To request this service, complete the Collaborative Problem-Solving Request Form.