Employee Information Requests

All inquiries related to employee records must be directed to the People Operations HR Service Management Unit, Records Management Team. An overview of these services is included below.

Service Division Description
Compliance Core HR HR Compliance guidance and support in alignment with OHRM’s Administrative Procedures. 
Employee Onboarding Core HR Review, verification, and onboarding of new hires submitted by Agencies.  
Employee Separations Core HR                                                                  Email separation documentation to Core HR for review, verification, and processing. 
Past Performance Appraisals  Records Management Submission of completed employee performance appraisals for inclusion in the employee personnel file. 
Personnel File Review Records Management Review and processing of requests for employee personnel file review. 
Personnel Record Maintenance Records Management File updates (any documentation that should be added to an employee’s file, address updates, disciplinary action reports, etc.).
Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Records Management Review and processing of requests for employee public service student loan forgiveness program. 
Record Expungement Records Management Employee record expungement request submission and processing. 
Reporting Core HR Review and processing of SAP Reports and Information Requests. 
SAP Support Core HR SAP guidance, support, and system maintenance requests related to employee information. 
Unemployment Verification Requests and Reporting Core HR Review, processing, and reporting of employee unemployment insurance claims, including claim submission record requests
Verification of Employment Records Management Guidance on completion of employment verification using TheWorkNumber

To contact the Records Management Team, email HRService@co.pg.md.us.

For additional assistance, contact CoreHR@co.pg.md.us

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