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Employee and Labor Relations

Employee and Labor Relations 

Our Mission  

The Employee and Labor Relations Division will enhance and strengthen the relationship between employees and the organization, their supervisors, and other employees by advising, guiding, training, and making meaningful recommendations to management and employees focused on employee success, retaining a high performing workforce, supervisory and employee coaching, job satisfaction, relationship building and fostering an atmosphere of fairness to all – regardless of rank, title, or tenure.

What We Do  

Employee and Labor Relations team offers confidential consultation and counseling to employees and human resources professionals regarding conflict resolution, discipline, grievances, and interpretation of rules and policies.

•    Policy and Procedures 
•    Consultation and Counseling
•    Collaborative Problem Solving 
•    Progressive Discipline
•    Corrective Action
•    Grievances and Appeals Procedures
•    Language Access Compliance

Our Services 

The Employee and Labor Relations Division provides a variety of human resource services to address the needs of Prince George’s County employees. The Division's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

•    Assisting with the interpretation of the County's personnel law, personnel procedures, and labor agreements 
•    Providing advice and guidance on matters involving corrective action, progressive discipline, performance improvement, and employee conduct
•    Overseeing collective bargaining and labor disputes
•    Managing employee grievances and the appeal process 
•    Facilitating collaborative problem solving 
•    Monitoring Language Access Compliance 

If you're an employee, to the furthest extent possible, we offer confidential support with respect to employee-supervisor or employee-employee dynamics and other workplace challenges.

If you're a supervisor, the Employee and Labor Relations team can help you coach your employees and bring out the best in your team. Perhaps you have difficult feedback to deliver; maybe you are looking for effective ways to recognize your employees' hard work, or perhaps you know your team can be more effective and help you to maximize performance. Employee and Labor Relations can share tried-and-tested ideas and inspiration to help you tackle almost any supervisory challenge.

If you're looking for professional development opportunities, we can help with that, too! Manage your team, improve performance, and improve communication. Please see our upcoming classes on the Center for Learning and Development webpage under course offerings.

Policy & Procedures

•    Personnel Law – Listing of County rules that incorporate the legal standards, policies, procedures, and guidelines.
•    Administrative Procedures – County guidelines that expand on a current practice.



•    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Short-term counseling at no cost 
•    Employee Performance Management  – Performance management resources
•    Training Course Offerings – Professional development training course available to employees. 

For questions, concerns, or to speak to someone on the team, please email employeerelations@co.pg.md.us or complete the form most related to your issue.


Consultation and Counseling Request Form 

Collaborative Problem-Solving Request Form 

Contact ELR

Employee & Labor Relations 
Office of Human Resources Management 
Prince George’s County Government

Human Resources Management
7915 Anchor Street 
Suite 206 
Hyattsville, MD 20785

Phone: 301-883-7231 
Email: employeerelations@co.pg.md.us