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Alternative Workplace Arrangement (AWA) Program

Alternative Work Arrangement (AWA) Options

Employees have access to use two (2) types of Alternative Work Arrangements (AWA) offered by the County Government. Please click on the program listed below to learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

  1. Telework Arrangement Program (TAP)
  2. Alternative Work Schedule (AWS)


AWA Form - Use this all-in-one form to apply for an AWA program.



Please see the AWA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Contact Your Agency AWA Coordinator

If you need assistance with Alternative Work Arrangements, please contact your agency's AWA Coordinator.

First Name Last Name Agency County Email Address
Rocquel Broady Administrative Charging Committee
Antoinette Thorpe Board of Elections
Patricia Bell Board of License Commissioners 
L. Denise Hall Citizen Complaint Oversight
Shalisha Ivy Department of Corrections
Alecia Creighton Department of Corrections 
Anthony B. Walker Department of Family Services 
Sonia Johnson Department of Health/Health Department
Takilla Benton Department of Social Services
Michelle Russell Department of the Environment 
Roslyn Walker  Ethics and Accountability 
Yolanda Smedley Fire-EMS Department
Alana Speed-Harris Housing Authority ATSpeed-Harris@co,
Cynthia  Simms Housing and Community Development 
Vanessa Hood Office of Central Services 
Ameria Williams Office of Community Relations 
Linda Allen Office of Finance 
Tiatte Day Office of Homeland Security 
Deborah Sullivan Office of Human Resources Management
Sandra  Powell Office of Human Rights 
Heidi Coffey Office of Information Technology 
Diana Osgood Office of Law
Belinda Moore Office of Management & Budget 
India King-Hamilton Office of the County Executive
Jasmine Daniels Office of the Sheriff
Debra Arrington Office of the States Attorney 
Thelia Jones Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement 
Carol Rubino Personnel Board 
Rocquel Broady Police Accountability Board
Anthony Cline Police Department
Lisa Chinn Prince George's County Council
Tasha  Brooks-Thornton Public Works & Transportation 
Kimberly Summers Soil Conservation District