Training Development Requests

If you would like to provide training to your agency, you must complete and submit a training request form to the OHRM Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development (LPOD) Division for review. A training development request is a form used to capture specific information needed to develop and implement customized training in partnership with County agencies.

The training development request should be submitted to at least (8) weeks before a planned training event to receive effective support from the LPOD Division. A copy of the training presentation can be submitted along with the request if it is available. The training request MUST be approved by your agency director before being submitted to LPOD for review.

Training Development Timeline

The graphic below provides a detailed timeline of the training development process. 

Training Development Roles

The training development process is a collaborative effort and involves the following roles:

  • Training Requestor - Person who submits a training development request.
  • Subject Matter Expert - Person who is knowledgeable and can provide expertise on specific content who submits training development (may also be the training requestor).
  • LPOD Team - Partners with the training requestor and SME(s) in the development, design, and delivery of the requested training.

Training Development Documents


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