Alternative Work Schedule (AWS)

Prince George's County Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) Program

The AWS Program provides eligible employees of the Executive Branch the option to work either a compressed schedule or a flex schedule that would equate to eighty (80) hours during the bi-weekly pay period. The County believes that the use of non-standard or AWS can be a valuable motivation and productivity tool as long as operational needs are met. Participation is voluntary and subject to management approval.

Types of Alternative Work Schedules

The AWS program offers several options for eligible County employees to work flexibly. An overview of the four (4) types of AWS options as well as examples of what each schedule can look like in use is included below.


Examples of alternative work schedules include compressed schedules and flex schedules. Compressed schedule examples include working four 10-hour shifts, four 9-hour shifts per week and one 4-hour shift, or eight 9-hour shifts plus one 8-hour sift and an AWS leave day per pay period. Flex schedules include starting or ending the workday earlier or later than normal.


This is a further breakdown of the alternative work and flex schedules, providing a two-week example schedule for each type of alternative work schedule.

Apply for the AWS Program

Whether you are curious about AWS, new to flexible work, or experienced with flexible work options, make the most of your AWS experience with these resources.

  1. Administrative Procedure 229: Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) Program
  2. AWS Application


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