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FY 2024 Pilot Employee Performance Management Program

The FY 2023 pilot program, outlined under Administrative Procedure (AP) 217-A, introduces several updates and improvements based on employee feedback. See below for links to the policy and policy attachment:

The below table outlines the differences between the current employee performance management process (AP 217) and the pilot program process (AP 217-A). 

Category Prior Process (AP 217) New Process for General Schedule Employees in Executive Branch (AP 217-A) 
Coverage Applies to all County employees Applies to classified service, general schedule employees in Executive Branch, in preparation for new FY24 Countywide process; AP 217 remains in effect for all other employees.
Timeline Covers the year from an employee’s anniversary date Follows the County Government fiscal year (July to June)
Process Requires the use of paper forms or PDFs Takes place completely online in NEOGOV Perform system
Agency Performance Managers Agency Human Resources Liaisons support and access Agency employee performance management information Introduces Agency Performance Manager role for Agency senior leader or HR employee designated by Appointing Authority for administrative access to Agency employee data in online system
Evaluation Types Requires different evaluation forms for probationary, transfer, promoted, and demoted employees Implements semiannual performance evaluations at midpoint and end of fiscal year using one consistent evaluation form; expands guidance for transfer performance evaluations
Performance Goals Uses position description to define performance goals Requires that supervisors set employee performance goals based on Agency and County priorities
Competencies Does not use competencies to evaluate employee performance Introduces consistent set of employee and supervisor competencies to guide performance
Rating Scale Uses five-point scale aligned around satisfactoriness of performance Revises to four-point scale to reflect more clear and objective language around performance expectations
Performance Rewards & Actions Outlines performance rewards, including pay increases and annual leave awards, based on overall evaluation rating Revises performance rewards and actions based on revised rating scale; pay increases are granted on an annual basis based on the County Government fiscal year
Development Plans Includes follow-up appraisal for an employee whose rating is "needs improvement"  Introduces development plans as a tool to support employees in improving performance if it is rated as below meets expectations
Supervisor Merit Increases No current guidance on supervisor merit increases based on completion of employee evaluations Adds guidance that supervisors who do not complete employee evaluations will not be eligible for a pay increase

Overview of Employee Performance Management Process

The pilot program’s employee performance management process takes place in three phases:

Employee Performance Management Process Chart


The performance evaluation cycle will follow the County’s fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) to create a consistent experience for everyone taking part in the process. 

Each phase of the employee performance management process takes place twice per fiscal year:

Employee Performance Management Process Chart 2

Employee Performance Management Schedule

The below table outlines the timeline of actions for the FY 2023 performance evaluation cycle. 

The online system will send email notifications and reminders for each action.

FY 2023 Employee Performance Management Schedule
Timeframe Milestone Action in NEOGOV
(NEOGOV online system will send notifications and reminders for each action)
July 1 – 30, 2022 Establish Performance Plans (Required)
  • Supervisors create fiscal year performance goals for direct reports
October 1 – December 15, 2022 Complete Midpoint Evaluations (Required)
  • Supervisors complete required employee performance evaluations for direct reports
  • Employees complete optional self-evaluations
January 1 – 31, 2023 Revise or Confirm Performance Plans (Required)
  • Supervisors revise or confirm fiscal year performance goals as current
April 1 – June 15, 2023 Complete Annual Evaluations (Required)
  • Supervisors complete required employee performance evaluations for direct reports
  • Employees complete optional self-evaluations

Online System

The employee performance management process will take place in the NEOGOV online system.

County employees can access NEOGOV by using their County email address and password to log in 
by clicking this Single Sign-On link.



Phase1: Performance Plan - Competencies
Phase1: Performance Plan - Employee Competencies
Phase1: Performance Plan - Employee Competencies 1
Phase1: Performance Plan - Employee Competencies 2
Phase1: Performance Plan - Employee Competencies 3
Phase1: Performance Plan - Supervisor Competencies
Phase1: Performance Plan - Supervisor Competencies 1
Phase1: Performance Plan - Supervisor Competencies 2

Training & Resources

To ensure that employees are prepared for the new employee performance management process, OHRM has developed several resources on the employee performance management policy, process, and online system:


On-Demand Training

Log into the County LMS with your County email and password online here to access the listed on-demand training at any time.

Live Trainings

Note: To make the most of your training experience, consider completing the above online trainings before attending one of the live virtual sessions below. 

​​​​​​​Log into the County LMS with your County email and password online here to register for one of the below-scheduled sessions. 


If you have questions about the FY 2023 pilot employee performance management process, please email your Agency Performance Manager(s) (listed below).  

Agency Agency Performance Manager Email Address
Board of Elections Alisha L. Alexander 
Board of Elections Antoinette Thorpe 
Board of Elections Daneen M. Banks 
Board of License Commissioners Leonard Vauss 
Board of License Commissioners Patricia Bell 
Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel Laurinda Hall 
Community Relations (OCR) Ameria Williams 
Community Relations (OCR) Charice Young
Community Relations (OCR) Courtney Mariette
Department of Corrections (DOC) Alecia Creighton 
Department of Corrections (DOC) Cheryl Jones-McCottry 
Department of Corrections (DOC) Gregory Smith 
Department of Environment (DOE) Gabriel McConnell 
Department of Environment (DOE) Rushane Jones 
Department of Family Services (DFS) Elana Belon-Butler
Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) Cynthia L. Simms 
Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) Tamika C. Gauvin 
Department of Permitting & Inspections (DPIE) Thelia Jones 
Department of Social Services (DSS) Jamie E. Dixon 
Department of Social Services (DSS) Victor T. Johnson 
Fire/EMS Yolonda Smedley 
Health Department (HD) Shalita Fleming 
Health Department (HD) Sonia Johnson 
Office of Central Services (OCS) Natalie Wallace
Office of Central Services (OCS) Takayo O'Bannon
Office of Central Services (OCS) Vanessa Hood
Office of Ethics & Accountability (OEA) Robin Barnes-Shell
Office of Ethics & Accountability (OEA) Roslyn Walker
Office of Finance Jaclin Warner Wiggins 
Office of Finance Keya Jackson 
Office of Homeland Security (OHS) Alexandra D. Harris 
Office of Homeland Security (OHS) Kelly Marshall 
Office of Homeland Security (OHS) Michael A. Jackson
Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) Kameron Coefield
Office of Human Rights Jose Villegas
Office of Human Rights Sandra Powell
Office of Information Technology (OIT) Heidi L. Coffey 
Office of Information Technology (OIT) Leslie J. Mullen 
Office of Information Technology (OIT) Shelby A. Henderson 
Office of Law (OOL) Diana Osgood 
Office of Law (OOL) Tina Peters 
Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Amber Hendricks 
Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Belinda Moore 
Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Brent Johnson 
Office of Management & Budget (OMB) DeAnna Baker-Mims 
Office of the County Executive Calisa Smith 
Personnel Board Janet Lindsey 
Police Kelly M. Meyers 
Police Melissa Gaines 
Police Susan Smith 
Public Works & Transportation (DPWT) Eboni Gatewood-Crenshaw
Public Works & Transportation (DPWT) Tasha Brooks-Thornton 
Sheriff’s Department Jasmine K. Daniels
Sheriff’s Department Mark J. Roccapriore 
Sheriff’s Department Monica Andrews 
Sheriff’s Department Ricardo A. Jaimez
Soil Conservation District Kimberly Summers 
Soil Conservation District Terry Hampton 

If you need additional support, please email the OHRM Learning, Performance & Organizational Development (LPOD) Division at

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