Wellness Challenges

Spring Into Motion Wellness Challenge - Spring 2023
May 1 to May 28

This physical activity program is a fun and inspiring way to move more. Whether you cycle around your neighborhood or jog around the block, you choose the activity—do the same thing each day or try something different—as you discover something new about spring each week.

Logging exercise is simple with Spring Into Motion. If you’re using a tracking device or app, just sync it with your computer and your steps automatically load into your Spring Into Motion account. Or record your favorite activity, along with dedicated exercise minutes, and the program automatically converts your minutes to steps. Delicious recipes, inspiring articles, and motivating daily emails help you keep moving.

Challenge Winners


BurnAlong Total Well-Being Journey - Winter 2023
January 23 to February 17

The BurnAlong Total Well-being Journey is meant to encompass different aspects that contribute to the entire well-being that will leave your mind, body, and spirit feeling renewed. Select from thousands of on-demand classes that cover all areas of well-being. No matter where you are in your well-being journey, there is something for you on BurnAlong.

Complete 100 minutes during The BurnAlong Total Well-being Journey to be entered into a raffle for one of five $250 gift cards! Take this time to invest in your wellbeing! You deserve it!

Challenge Winners