Employee Performance Management

Employee Performance Management Program

The Prince George's County Employee Performance Management Program is an efficient, collaborative, and employee-focused effort to set clear goals for performance, provide continuous feedback to support growth, and equitably assess and recognize every employee’s impact on the County and Agency mission.

As of July 1, 2022, there are two County programs and Administrative Procedures (AP) supporting employee performance management.

Past Performance Appraisal (PPA) Process
(AP 217)
FY 2023 Pilot Employee Performance Management Program
(AP 217-A)
  • Applies to employees who are:
    • identified under AP 217 (listed on the County Intranet online here)

    • not participating in the FY 2023 Pilot Employees Performance Management Program
  • PPAs should continue to be emailed to the HR Service Management, Records Management team at HRService@co.pg.md.us
  • Applies to general schedule employees in the Executive Branch, as outlined under AP 217-A (listed on the County Intranet online here)



If you have questions about the employee performance management process, please email the OHRM Learning, Performance & Organizational Development (LPOD) Division at EmployeePerformance@co.pg.md.us.  

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