Benefits Overview 

IMPORTANT: The Affordable Care Act and Form 1095-C for Active Employees and Retirees

Review the 2020 Active Employee Benefits Guide to learn more about Prince George’s County 2020 benefits. 


Enrollment as a new hire and during the annual open enrollment period can be made through Employee Self Service (ESS). You can access ESS on any computer with an internet connection at

Qualifying changes outside of open enrollment and a new hire event must be completed by submitting an Enrollment/Change Form to the Benefit Administration Division.

New Employees must enroll in the Prince George’s County Government (County) health benefits plans within thirty (30 days) calendar days of your hire date. If you enroll, your coverage will become effective the first (1st) day of the month following your hire date. If you do not enroll in the County’s health benefits plans within the first 30 days of hire you will have to wait until the next open enrollment to enroll, unless you experience a family status change also referred to as a qualifying life event. The deductions for the medical, dental, prescription and vision plans are taken on a pre-tax basis. The remainder of the plans long-term disability, extra life insurance and voluntary benefit plans (accident, enhanced critical illness, whole life, short-term disability, supplemental dental and legal plans) are deducted on a post-tax basis. Voluntary benefit plans are not available for enrollment through ESS.

  1. Dependent Eligibility
  2. Qualifying Life Events
  3. Materials and Resources

If you want to add dependent(s) to your health benefit plans, it is highly encouraged that you bring the required documentation to add your dependents to the New Employee Orientation. Your dependents will be removed from your health benefit plans if you fail to provide the required documentation within 30 days of your hire date. 

Dependents eligible for coverage include:

1. Your lawful spouse, as defined by the Federal Government;

2. Children and stepchildren under the age of 26;

The term child includes any of the following, until the child reaches the limiting age:

  • A natural child;
  • A step child;
  • A legally adopted child or a child legally placed for adoption;
  • A child under your legal guardianship

Children who are physically or mentally incapable of self-support as determined by medical certification continue on your County coverage beyond the normal age limit if the disability continues and the child remains unmarried. The child must already be covered under the plan. You may be asked to provide certification of the child's disability every two to three years. Documentation must be on file prior to the child reaching the limiting age.

All documents must be submitted to the OHRM Benefits and Pensions Division within thirty (30) days of your date of hire, qualifying life event, or open enrollment with the Dependent Verification cover form as follows:

  • Email a picture of your documents or scan to
  • Fax to 301-883-6192
  • Mail or Hand-Deliver to 1400 McCormick Drive, Suite 245, Largo, MD, 20774

Qualifying Life Events and Required Documentation

Qualifying Life Event Eligibility Required Documentation
Birth Natural Born Child Birth Certificate; AND
​Social Security Number
Marriage Spouse as recognized by law State-issued Marriage Certificate; AND
​Social Security Card 
Divorce   Divorce Decree
Legal Separation or Limited Divorce   Proof signed by judge or attorney
Guardianship Child is under the protection or in the custody of the participant  Temporary or final guardianship order; AND
​Social Security Card
Adoption Child is eligible at the time of placement Adoption decree or judgement
Adoption (in a foreign country) Child is eligible at the time of placement Birth Certificate (certified and translated into English); AND
​Adoption Order (certified and translated into English)
Death (of spouse or dependent)   Death Certificate
Loss of Coverage Participant, eligible spouse, and/or dependent (s) Proof of coverage, including the type of coverage, date obtained, and date terminated
Gain of Coverage Participant, eligible spouse, and/or dependent (s) Proof of coverage, including the type of coverage, and the effective date
Change of Employment Status from Temporary (i.e., 1000 hour, LTGF) to Full-Time to Part-Time Participant, eligible spouse, and/or dependent (s) Documents listed above related to the election