Sworn Public Safety Employees

The following information is for Sworn Public Safety Employees of Prince George's County Government, who participate in the Prince George's Comprehensive Pension Plans. If you are planning to retire soon, please complete the Service Retirement Application Packet, following the instructions below.

Service Retirement Application Packet

Employees must complete and submit completed retirement packets to the Retirement Services Division no later than 60 days prior to their desired retirement date. Please note that retirements take place on the first day of each month.

Forms and supporting documentation may be emailed to pensions@co.pg.md.us, faxed to 301-883-6360.

The following four (4) forms should be completed by employees who are enrolled in one of the following comprehensive pension plans:

1. Application for Retirement

Correctional Officer Comprehensive Pension Plan

Deputy Sheriffs’ Comprehensive Pension Plan

Fire Service Pension Plan

Police Pensions Plan

  • The Application for Retirement must be signed and dated in the presence of a notary. A list of authorized remote notaries can be found on the Maryland Secretary of State website.
  • If a survivor option is chosen, proof of birth must be included for the beneficiary. Only one beneficiary maybe chosen.


2. Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit)

  • Complete your personal information, the name, address, and account information of your financial institution.
  • Attach a voided personal check or bank statement for verification.


3. Tax Withholding Election Form

  • Designate your federal tax withholding preference.
  • Select your state tax withholding preference.
  • Only state tax for the State of Maryland may be withheld.


4. Leave Disposition Form

  • Indicate amount of unused leave you would like to, cash out, apply for additional pension credit, or donate.

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