If you are looking for a new pet, we invite you to visit the animals at the Animal Services Facility. Our expert staff will assist you in selecting the right pet for your household. We strongly encourage all the members of your family to “get acquainted” with the pet before making your final selection. To allow time for paperwork completion interactions are stopped 30 minutes prior to the facility closing.
After selecting a pet for adoption, you will be required to complete an Adoption Application Form (PDF). The adoption process is completed after the form has been approved and all the adoption fees have been paid. In order to expedite the adoption application process you may print and fill an application to bring along with you to the facility. Please DO NOT FAX OR EMAIL applications.

Note: Citizens and residents adopting a pet from the Animal Services Facility may pay for adoption fees by cash or Credit Card only.
  1. Rules
  2. Fees
  • Applications for adoption must be submitted in person at the Animal Services Facility. You must first select an animal, interact with that animal and then complete an application. The adoptions approval process can take 3-5 business days.
  • Animals are placed as household pets only. You are not permitted to adopt animals for guarding, hunting or mousers.
  • In accordance with Prince George's County law, all female pets must be spayed and all male pets neutered.
  • The entire family living within the household must interact with and agree with the selection of the pet. A responsible adult must sign the adoption agreement and accept responsibility for the pet.
  • People living in rental housing must have written approval, verifiable by the proper authority, that the animal applied for is acceptable in the housing.
  • The animal must be maintained in accordance with the licensing and other laws of the community in which it resides and be provided with routine and emergency veterinary care as required.
  • Adopted animals may not be transferred to another owner or otherwise disposed of, but must be returned to the Prince George's County Animal Services Division if no longer wanted.
  • A representative of the Facility may call, inspect and inquire about the animal before and, periodically, after it is placed.
  • It is the objective of the Animal Services Division to place pets from the Facility in the most suitable home available for both the pet and the family. We reserve the right not to place an animal, to refuse or deny any application, or to make recommendations to consider another selection.
In order to expedite the adoption application process you may print and fill an application for adoption to bring along with you to the facility. Applications are accepted in person at the Animal Services Facility. Faxed applications are not accepted.

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