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Sick or Injured Cats

Cats that live outside are at very high risk of injury and illness.  If you are a colony caretaker, in addition to good colony management practices, be observant each time you feed the colony.  If a change in behavior or other symptoms of possible illness or injury occur, don’t wait to start seeking assistance or advice from local TNVR groups.  Residents who see something they think may be unusual in an outdoor cat are encouraged to contact TNVR groups.  See recommendations below:



  • Contact TNVR Groups for specific advice ASAP
  • Take pictures/videos to assist with describing the situation
  • Leave food and water nearby
  • Alert neighbors to be on the lookout
  • Provide shelter, if possible



  • Wait to seek assistance and advice
  • Move or disturb (except in case of imminent danger)


Additional Information:

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