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Condo/Apartment (Multi-family) Recycling Program

By July 1, 2014, licensees and owners of all single and multifamily rental facilities and condominiums shall provide an opportunity for tenants to voluntarily recycle designated recyclable material in the same manner as solid waste disposal, including convenient and accessible location with signage.

Required Information

The licensee and owner of each multifamily rental facility and condominium shall submit to the director for approval a plan for the separation and collection of designated recyclable materials by July 1, 2013. The plan shall demonstrate compatibility with the county’s recycling program. Each multifamily rental facility plan shall include at a minimum:

  • Collection system for the designated recyclable materials
  • Designation of recyclable materials to be collected
  • provisions for publicizing the recycling program

Some of the same items listed under the Residential Recycling Program are acceptable through the Multifamily Recycling Program. For a specific list of acceptable items contact your management company.

For more information on starting a recycling program contact PGC311. Dial 3-1-1 (in-County) or 301-883-4748 (out-of-County).

Recycling Plan and Report Instructions for Multi-Family Properties

In 2012, the County enacted CB-87, which is legislation addressing recycling for the licensees and/or owners of all multifamily rental facilities and condominiums as well as commercial and industrial properties. Under this law, all owners of multifamily, commercial and industrial properties are to provide the opportunity for the voluntary separation of designated recyclable materials.

Fast forward to 2018, with the passage of CB-12-2018, the recycling program expands to include business entities, as well as additional requirements for commercial and industrial properties.

Read the law and applicable code

Plan & Report Instructions for all Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Family Properties & Businesses

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