Electric Vehicles (EV)

Prince George's County has pledged to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 50% below 2005 levels by 2030, with a County-wide goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Per the County’s Climate Action Plan, the County’s transportation sector is the single largest contributor to GHG emissions, accounting for approximately 48% of total emissions. As such, the County is leading a just, equitable, and low-carbon energy transition by deploying clean transportation programs and projects within our Department of the Environment (DoE) – Sustainable Energy, Office of Central Services (OCS) – Fleet Management, and the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) – Office of Transportation agencies.

Leading By Example

Per the county government’s Green Fleet Policy, staff partnered with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government to develop the Government Operations: Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Action Plan. The Green Fleet Policy outlines a 25% reduction in GHG emissions by 2025, supported by a 50% goal of all applicable county vehicle purchases be zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) or partial zero emission vehicles (PZEVs) by 2025. The plan establishes a roadmap for the deployment of electric/partial electric vehicles in the County fleet and the installation of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) at County facilities over the next 10 years.

The County partnered with electric utilities such as Pepco to address equitable access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure for its residents. This partnership has led to the installation of over 140 public-purpose EVCS on government properties (including municipals) throughout the County at locations such as park and recreational facilities, libraries, government office buildings, and Park and Rides. 

County Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) Map

The County Government Operations team in Central Services has installed approximately 58 EVCS stations or ports. The interactive map shows the stations, as of March 2024.

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Finding Public EV Chargers*

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Electric Vehicle Charging Incentives

Customers of Pepco and BGE can now take advantage of new rebates to help offset the cost of Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) pilot. Through a new program, both utilities provide two types of vehicle charger rebates for both homes and multifamily properties.

Pepco Electric Vehicle Charging Pilot Program

  • Residential – Pepco offers rebates up to $300 for qualifying Maryland residential customers who install an eligible Level 2 smart charger at their single-family home after July 1, 2019.
  • Multifamily – Property managers, owners, and even homeowners associations can take advantage of EV rebates up to $25,000 on qualified charging equipment installation of Level 2 smart chargers and for a 100% discount on installation at your property.

Visit Pepco EV Smart page to learn more about electric vehicle charging stations incentives and deployment in the County. 

 BGE Electric Vehicle Charging Pilot Program 

  • Residential – Use this resource to receive rebates and incentives (up to $300) for adopting EV into your lifestyle with general EV information, finding and comparing available EV’s and charger stations. 
  • Multifamily – Property managers, owners and even homeowners associations may be eligible to receive incentives up to $25,000 for the installation of Level 2 smart chargers or DC fast chargers on their property.  

Read DPIE's Guidelines for Permitting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (September 2022) for residents.

Sustainable Energy & Pepco EVCS Partnership 

Since its inception in July 2019, DoE Sustainable Energy, OCS, and Pepco have spearheaded Maryland Public Service Commission Public Purpose Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot Program commissioning over 103 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) also known as Electric Vehicle Charging Stations sited in over 35 locations throughout the county. In addition to the commissioned sites, over 44 more charging stations have been proposed for installation bringing the total number of Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers to approximately 146.

DoE Sustainable Energy continues to work diligently with stakeholders and the Pepco EVsmart program, the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) EV Recharge program and the Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) EVsmart program in facilitating these installations. Promoting the use of electric vehicles and installing more EVCS in the county is vital in a time where gas prices are on the rise. Moreover, the transportation sector is the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the County.

County Resident utilizing a charging station at Kentland Community Center Charging stations at Inglewood Business Center in Largo

In deciding what locations would be the most ideal for installation, Pepco utilized the following (but not limited) criteria: 

  • The site must be owned/lease and control parking and electrical access
  • The site must agree to a 5-year public access period for charging
  • Charging stations must be publicly accessible 24 hours/day
  • The site must allocate 2 designated parking spaces
  • No charging for parking
  • Locations that have no proximity to other charges
  • Traffic Patterns in or around the potential site
  • Easy access availability
  • Installation costs
  • Charging should be near existing facilities

Some of the examples of sites that fit the above-mentioned criteria were community centers, government office buildings, transit locations (park and rides), libraries, and schools. Below is a list of locations with stations currently operating and where installations are proposed.

Locations of EVCS in Operation by Pepco
Site Name Address Government Entity
Acredale Community Park 4200 Metzerott Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Cherry Hill Community Park 4620 Cherry Hill Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Hillcrest Heights Community Center 2300 Oxon Run Dr MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Town Hall Seat Pleasant  6301 Addison Rd Town of Seat Pleasant 
Town of Fairmount  6005 J St Town of Fairmount Heights
Harmony Hall Regional Center 10701 Livingston Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Kentland Community Center 2413 Pinebrook Ave MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Lake Arbor Community Center 10100 Lake Arbor Way MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Langley Park Community Center 1500 Merrimac Dr MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
North Barnaby Splash Park 5000 Wheeler Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Peppermill Village Community Center 610 Hill Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Prince George's Plaza Community Center 6600 Adelphi Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Tanglewood Park 8339 Woodyard Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Department of Housing and Community Development 9200 Basil Ct Prince George's County
Largo-Kettering Branch Library 9601 Capital Ln Prince George's County
Spauldings Branch Library 5811 Old Silver Hill Rd Prince George's County
Prince George's Community College Lot J 301 Largo Rd Prince George's Community College
Prince George's Community College Lot I 301 Largo Rd Prince George's Community College
North Brentwood Community Center 4012 Webster St North Brentwood
Andrew Hanko Building 8511 Legation Rd City of New Carrollton
Prince George's County Equestrian Center 14900 Pennsylvania Ave Prince George's County
Town of Riverdale Park Town Center 6200 Rhode Island Ave Town of Riverdale Park
Oxon Hill Park and Ride 6600 Oxon Hill Rd Prince George's County
Forest Heights Police Department 5508 Arapahoe Dr Forest Heights
Forest Heights Community Park 5508 Shawnee Dr Forest Heights
35th Street 3442 Perry St City of Mount Rainier
Springhill Lake Recreational Center 6101 Cherrywood Ln Greenbelt
Municipal Parking Lot 6053 Central Ave Capitol Heights 
Davis Hall Department of Public Works 9217 51st Ave College Park
Schrom Hills Recreational Center  6925 Hanover Pkwy Greenbelt 
Clinton Park and Ride 9000 Stuart Ln Prince George's County
Colmar Manor Town Lot 3603 40th Ave Colmar Manor
Colmar Manor Town Lot (SITE TWO) KFC Lot 3613 40th Pl Colmar Manor
Fort Washington Park and Ride 850 Swan Creek Rd Prince George's County
Largo-Kettering Branch Library DCFC 9601 Capital Ln Prince George's County
Largo - FSO (MVA) 10251 Central Ave State
Beltsville FSO 11760 Baltimore Ave State
Berwyn Heights Police Department 5411 Berwyn Rd Berwyn Heights
Oakcrest Community  Center 1300 Capitol Heights Blvd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex 7007 Bock Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Brentwood Police Department 4300 39th Pl Town of Brentwood
Bladensburg Town Hall Parking Lot 4229 Edmonston Rd Town of Bladensburg
Bladensburg Street Parking 4500 57th Ave Town of Bladensburg
Palmer Park Community Center 7720 Barlowe Rd MNCPPC (Prince George's County)
Sasscer Administration Building 14201 School Ln Prince George's County Public School
Tanglewood Regional School 8333 Woodyard Rd Prince George's County Public School
Prince George's County Animal Services Facility & Adoption Center 3750 Brown Station Rd Prince George's County