Interactive Environmental Activities

Explore these free online activities and resources with lessons on the environment. Click on the below images to access the activity.

Beat the Uncertainty: Planning Climate-Resilient Cities

You and your fellow players are the leaders—citizens, policymakers, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, and researchers—of a coastal city. Your job is to make smart decisions that will increase the city’s resilience to climate change.

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Mission Migration

Learn how birds migrate and the effect of human pollution on their migratory patterns.
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NOVA's Cloud Lab

Classify clouds and investigate the role they play in severe storms using real data from NASA Earth satellites.cloud_lab_200 Opens in new window

Outdoor Play: Learn About Conservation

Learn more about outdoor play and its connection to conservation. Contains a series of activities for conserving water, soil, wildlife, land and more! 

Profit Seed

Learn to break down the complex issues around seed patents and GMOs

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Recycle City

Visit Recycle City! There's lots to do here - people and places to visit and plenty of ways to explore how the city's residents recycle, reduce and reuse waste.

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Save Our Beach

Bacteria is getting into the water from trash. Help Ty D Turtle clean up the beaches from bacteria.

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