Courthouse Closed

County Courthouse is closed today due to the worldwide CrowdStrike outage


The grounds for appealing your Clean Water Act Fee (CWAF) are limited to the following.

  • Errors in the zoning classification of the property (applicable to single-family residential properties)
  • Errors made regarding the impervious surface measurement of the property (applicable to multi-family residential and non-residential properties)
  • Mathematical errors in the calculation of the CWAF
  • Misidentification of the property owner

Information Required

Please make sure you have the following information available when requesting a fee review:

  • Owner Name, Address and Phone Number
  • Property Tax Account Number(s) and Street Address(es)
  • Email Address
  • Nature of Request (describe what you are trying to do and why)


The Prince George's County Department of the Environment (DoE) will review your request and respond as soon as possible, typically within 30 business days. If you are not satisfied with the response, you may submit a formal appeal to the Director of DoE using the Fee Appeal Request Form (PDF). Completed forms may be submitted through mail at:

Prince George's County Department of the Environment
1801 McCormick Drive
Suite 500
Largo, MD 20774