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Trash Time Change

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Projects - Design

The Capital Projects Design Section (CPDS) of the Stormwater Management Division develops and manages the design phase of capital improvement projects to enable the project to be constructed in a timely manner in accordance with budget expectations. The CPDS creates construction documents, and potentially utilizes interagency collaboration in the design and construction of a project to minimize the cost to the constituents.

The project management design team, including the project manager, outside consultants, construction managers, and municipal partners accomplish the following:

  • Interagency Agreement Negotiation: An interagency agreement negotiation establishes terms and identifies and defines responsibilities of each project partner.
  • Pre-Design: The CPDS examines and validates project functions and features in early design stages.
  • Final Design: Construction plans and specifications and cost estimates are prepared for all project features, and value engineering exercises are conducted to reduce costs or increase performance where possible. Final design typically includes 30%, 60%, 90%, 100% and final submittals.
  • Environmental Investigations: Where applicable, CPDS design consultants conduct archeological, biological, and environmental studies and ensures compliance with any rules and regulations mandated under the Clean Water Act.
  • Utility Relocations: Coordinating with utility companies, CPDS investigates utility impacts and minimizes to the extent practical relocations where deemed necessary .
  • Rights of Way Acquisition: Working in conjunction with the Department of Public Works and Transportation staff, the project team coordinates the acquisition of rights of way needed for construction and operation and maintenance of projects to be constructed.
  • State and Federal Mandates: (WIP II and NPDES MS4) CPDS applies adaptive stormwater management approaches to ensure continual improvement of water quality, and strategies include reporting of measurable water quality achievements to reduce nutrient and sediment loads.


Water Quality

The CPS Design Section primary focus is to develop strategies which align with the implementation of the County’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit and the watershed implementation program phase II (WIP II).  In accordance with the County’s impervious area restoration requirements, the CPDS develops water quality best management practices (BMP’s) inventories. The evaluation and implementation of water quality projects require collaborations with various stakeholders and property owners.  Utilizing professional consultant engineering services contracts, the CPS section evaluates, designs, and implements water quality retrofit projects. 


Flood Control/Drainage

The CPS Design Section develops storm drain relief capital improvement projects (CIP) when appropriate , to address adverse drainage, flooding, or erosion conditions on residential properties. This program utilizes a priority rating system that has established criteria for eligible properties.  Such adverse conditions are generally identified through correspondence from constituents or County Council.   The properties or sites which are eligible as a capital improvement project are determined based upon an evaluation of the severity of the drainage or erosion threats, and the availability of program funding. 

SMD works with multiple agencies and stakeholders and prioritizes eligible drainage remediation inventories  to ensure cost effective phases of planning, design, permitting and implementation.