Zero Waste Initiative


Practicing the concepts of Zero Waste will have a positive impact on our economy in Prince George’s County. The road to zero waste entails broad encouragement within our County, to include residents, businesses, and visitors, and reinforces self-evaluation of what we all consider to be defined as ‘waste placed into the landfill’. This is especially important as global recycling markets have become critical of the quality of materials that are recycled. It is common now that purchasers of recycled products will reject these materials because they may be contaminated with foreign substances and mixed materials. Through careful recycling, our County is capable of preventing valuable paper and plastics from being placed into the Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill. The estimated value of clean recyclable paper and plastics disposed at our Landfill is estimated to be $9.7 million annually. Preventing these materials from being placed into the Landfill will result in a significant and positive impact on local revenue generation, job creation, and business expansion.

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