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Litter Reduction

Litter Reduction Program seeks to establish partnerships with individuals, non-profits, and municipalities and develop programs that will increase the tonnage of litter captured, removed and prevented in communities and waterways in Prince George’s County. Partnerships and programs include:

  • Clean Sweep is a coordinated inter-agency led effort to clean up communities in the Anacostia River Watershed and TNI areas that will contribute to the achievement of the mandated trash reduction rate of 170,628 pounds per year in the Anacostia River Watershed.
  • Source reduction projects that which are intended to reduce incidents of littering (e.g.  installation of trash and recycling receptacles and marketing to support a new anti-litter campaign),
  • Prince George's County ADOPT-A-STREAM To help reduce litter in and around County stream, rivers and other local waterways, DoE encourages residents, businesses, civic organizations and academic institutions to adopt-a-stream. There are many benefits to adopting a stream segment including enhancing the aesthetics of our natural resources, removing pollutants, improving habitat and water quality for aquatic plants and animals. Adopt-a-Stream groups can also survey their stream section and notify DoE of pollution and illegal dumping. View the Prince George's County Adopt-A-Steam Map
  • Trash capture devices that will increase capacity to remove litter in waterways with ability to have volunteer groups maintain such devices
  • Stream level trash monitoring and land-based trash surveying provides actual measures of trash load reduction and gauges impacts of implemented measures.
  • Contractual stream cleanup services that will increase the County’s capacity to remove litter from physically challenging waterways and bank areas.

The Sustainability Division also offers the Comprehensive Community Cleanup, Neighborhood Cleanup and Storm Drain Stenciling programs to HOAs and civic associations, municipalities, schools and other entities.  Use the provided links to learn more about these programs. 

PGCLitterTRAK is a smartphone application (app) that can be used by community groups and
individual citizens that are interested in reporting their efforts to reduce litter in their communities.

For more information or to become involved in the fight for a Litter Free Prince George’s County, please contact Tiaa Rutherford, Litter Reduction Program Manager, at (301) 883-6226. 

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