Clean Water Partnership



Under a partnership approach, Corvias and Prince George’s County have entered into a 30-year partnership to improve the stormwater infrastructure and make a commitment to impact the local economy through “local” targeted disadvantaged subcontractor development and utilization.

The Clean Water Partnership (CWP) has been compliant with the socio-economic participation goals required by its agreement with Prince George’s County, in fact, as of March 2017 all of the inclusion participation goals were met or exceeded. Through their Community Outreach, Contractor Development, and Compliance Programs, they have proactively created procurement opportunities for target class contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers, and helped bolster economic development while growing local small businesses. These efforts are designed to increase the participation of target class businesses which include local, small, minority, and women-owned business enterprises more specifically designated as Prince George’s County business enterprises.

The CWP has been able to accomplish its program goals through the incorporation of the following core guiding principles:

  • Efficiency–Aggregate projects and create economies of scale through holistic program initiation, planning, design and project execution;
  • Social Value Creation–Improve procurement administration and project delivery from a single project, purely technical scope bias to focus on community resiliency in green infrastructure and local, small and disadvantaged business development and utilization;
  • Long-Term Sustainability–Identify avenues to create value by analysis of the value chain for green infrastructure resulting in the reduction of the existing costly and time-consuming design and construction methods to streamlined and sustainable commercial practices through integrated design, build, operation, and maintenance procedures; and
  • Site Flexibility–Flexibility in the selection of sites through the CWP’s planning and design approach. Through the implementation of program management and controls, the CWP can effectively manage site selection and the triple constraints: scope, schedule, and cost. These processes allow the implementation team to select projects based on the greatest value to the program inclusive of acres treated and procurement opportunities tailored to the needs of local subcontractor capacity and capabilities.


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