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Arbor Day Every Day

Turn Your Schoolyard Green With Trees!

DoE is working to increase the number of native trees and shrubs planted in the county. Arbor Day Every Day provides free trees for schools to plant and maintain on school grounds. This program educates students on the everyday importance of native trees, empowers them to enhance their community and provides funds for planting projects.

Schools interested in applying to the Arbor Day Every Day Program should:

  1. Submit an Intent to Apply Form (PDF)
  2. Schedule a consultation with the Program Coordinator
  3. Submit a Program Application

Upon receipt of the Intent to Apply form, the Program Coordinator will contact you to schedule a consultation, which is required for program consideration. During the consultation, additional information will be provided on completing the Program Application, developing a tree planting plan for your campus and creating a post-planting maintenance plan.


Please Note: To ensure your trees survive, planting during the summer is not allowed. Plan to plant your trees during the spring or fall.


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Contact Tree ReLeaf Grant Program



1801 McCormick Drive
Suite 500
Largo, MD 20774