Alternative Compliance

The Alternative Compliance Program is an elective partnership between Prince George’s County and qualified tax-exempt faith-based organizations or other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to improve water quality in the county by treating and reducing polluted stormwater runoff. Under the program, organizations may qualify for a reduction in a portion of their Clean Water Act Fee. An organization must agree to 1, or all, of 3 options available in order to be eligible for the reduction.

Alternative Compliance Program Options

Option 1: Provide Easement (50% Fee Reduction)

Property owner agrees to provide to the County a Temporary Right-of-Entry Agreement and Temporary Construction Easement for the County to install stormwater best management practices (BMPs) on the property owned by the organization.

And: To continue receiving the 50% impervious area fee reduction credit, property owner is required to sign a Maintenance Agreement and continuously maintain the installed BMPs which are subjected to a triennial inspection by the Department of the Environment (DoE).

Option 2 :Outreach & Education (25% Fee Reduction)

Property owner agrees to take part in the County's education and outreach campaign to encourage other property owners as well as members of their organization to participate in the County's Rain Check Rebate Program to contribute toward the restoration and protection of county watersheds.

And/or: Property Owner agrees to host County's representative to organize and/or conduct annually 1 of the following activities:

  • Host a Rain Check Rebate Program
  • On-site recycling and better waste management
  • On-site trash pick-up event
  • Plant at least 5 trees on-site (trees provided through Rain Check Rebate Program

Option 3: Green Care & Good Housekeeping (25% Fee Reduction)

Property owner agrees to use lawn and landscaping companies* that are certified in the proper use and application of fertilizers in connection with their landscaping and lawns.

*Companies must be listed in the Maryland Department of the Agriculture's searchable pesticide database under the appropriate license category.

And/or: Property owner agrees to good housekeeping practices for ensuring clean lots and pledges at least 3 of the following activities:

  • Conserve water and use water-saving landscape practices
  • Establish and maintain healthy vegetative cover on the grounds of the property
  • Keep their site clean by regularly sweeping up trash and debris
  • Practice proper pollution prevention measures
  • Properly dispose of hazardous products or materials
  • Reduce or eliminate fertilizer and pesticide use and application
  • Responsibly manage common chemicals used and stored on their property
  • Other

How to Apply for Alternative Compliance Status

Step 1

Select the option(s) you wish to participate in. Complete an application by following the instructions. When you have completed the application you must sign it by clicking on the 'sign here' tab to the right of 'Signature of Property Owner.' A box will open that allows you to digitally sign the document. Once signed, the document is not editable.

Submit your application online (PDF) and mail it to:
Prince George's County
Department of the Environment
Stormwater Management Division
1801 McCormick Drive
Suite 500
Largo, Maryland 20774

Step 2

Meet with the County's agent for the purpose of developing an alternative compliance plan and finalizing which option(s) are feasible to implement.

Step 3

Submit your alternative compliance plan (in writing) to DoE. DoE will review the plan and make a decision on the amount of credit to be applied to the organizations Impervious Area Fee portion of the Clean Water Act Fee for the property. As mentioned above, the Administrative Fee ($20.58) per tax account will still apply annually and cannot be waived.

Contact Stormwater Management



1801 McCormick Drive
Suite 500
Largo, MD 20774