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Training Commitment Agreement

While the County provides various training opportunities for County employees, it recognizes that there may be additional, outside training and professional development opportunities that would improve an employee's job performance. These training opportunities may also enhance the delivery of County services to the citizens and residents of the County. These mentioned training opportunities would require approval via the Training Commitment Agreement process.




The following process should be followed when an employee requests that the County pay for a training/professional development program that exceeds one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) in costs:

  • Appointing authority approves training/ professional development opportunity requested by employee.
  • Appointing Authority (or designee) will discuss this policy and Agreement with employee.
  • Complete Agreement (document to the right).
  • Employee, witness and Appointing Authority (or designee) must all sign the Agreement.
  • Send Agreement to OHRM's Learning Performance & Organizational Development email address: for OHRM's Director approval and signature.
  • OHRM will provide copies of the Agreement to the employee and Appointing Authority.
  • A copy of the Agreement will be filed in the employee's official personnel file.


NOTE: As always, if applicable you should be sure to consult any applicable collective bargaining agreement. If you have any further questions regarding the information in this request, please contact


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