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FY 2024 Pilot Employee Performance Management Program

In 2020, the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) surveyed Employees about their experiences with the current Past Performance Appraisal Process. Acting on Employee feedback and recommendations, OHRM launched the first year Employee Performance Pilot Program on July 1, 2022, for a more efficient, collaborative, and employee-focused process to: 

  • Set clear goals for performance;
  • Provide continuous feedback to support growth; and
  • Equitably assess and recognize every employee’s impact

The FY 2023 pilot program outlined under Administrative Procedure (AP) 217-A applies to County general schedule employees in the Executive Branch. All other employees will continue under the current Past Performance Appraisal Process outlined under AP 217 (listed on the County Intranet).  FY 2024 will continue under the directives of the AP 217-A policy.

OHRM plans to use this pilot program to inform its approach for enhancing the Countywide performance management process.


Managers to Complete All Direct Report Evaluations for FY23 By Sep. 15, 2023

Per AP 217-A, managers will not receive their merits if performance evaluations for their direct reports are not completed by the deadline.


September 2023



Introduction to the New Employee Performance Pilot Program Policy Administrative Procedure (AP) 217-A introduces several updates and improvements based on employee feedback. See below for links to the policy and policy attachment:



The pilot program’s employee performance management process takes place in 3 phases. We are now in Phase 1 of the performance evaluation process through December 31st.


Employee Per


Employee Performance Management Process includes performance planning from August 223 through September 2023, performance support throughout the fiscal year, and performance evaluation from April 2024 through June 2024.

The performance evaluation cycle will follow the County’s fiscal year (July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024) to create a consistent experience for everyone taking part in the process.


Neogov process flow for the performance management process.

FY 2024 Timeline

The below table outlines the timeline of actions for the FY 2024 performance evaluation cycle.

NEOGOV Perform will send automatic reminders through email to remind Employees and Managers to complete associated tasks with each milestone phase.


Employee performance management timeline for FY24.


Online System

The Employee Performance Management process will take place in the NEOGOV online system. County employees can access NEOGOV by using their County email address and password to log in 
by clicking this Single Sign-On link


Employee Competencies & Rating Scale

When performing job duties, pilot program Employees and Managers are expected to demonstrate the ability to meet set competencies based on the performance planning rating scale.



Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Rating Scale 1 of 1


Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Employee Competencies 1 of 4


Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Employee Competencies 2 of 4


Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Employee Competencies 3 of 4


Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Employee Competencies 4 of 4


Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Supervisor Competencies 1 of 3


Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Supervisor Competencies 2 of 3


Employee Performance Evaluations Phase 1 - Supervisor Competencies 3 of 3


Training & Resources

To ensure that employees are prepared for the new employee performance management process, OHRM has developed several resources on the employee performance management policy, process, and online system:


Agency Performance Manager (APM) Contact List

If you have questions about the FY 2023 pilot employee performance management process, please contact your Agency Performance Managers.  


If you need additional support, please email the OHRM Learning, Performance & Organizational Development (LPOD) Division at

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