Plan & Report Instructions for all Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Family Properties & Businesses

What is the difference between a Plan and an Annual Report? 

  • A Plan identifies the (a) Types of Designated Recyclable Materials to be Collected, (b) A Collection System for the designated recyclable materials (single-stream containers, etc.), and (c) How are you promoting your Recycling Program?
  • An Annual Report accounts for (a) The Amount of Designated Recyclable Materials Collected, (b) The Method of Collection (Single Stream, etc.), and (c) Disposal Method of Material (Name of Hauler Company).

The form for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family Properties is both the Plan AND Annual Report.  Regardless of when your Plan was submitted during the year, you must submit the Annual Report as stated online.

Annual Forms

Please note: The Resource Recovery Division is discontinuing paper forms for the 2023 Annual Report (due March 2024). Users that prefer a hard copy to complete by hand, please contact our office at

If you are a  Business Entity and recycling material OTHER THAN the designated recyclable materials, please contact our office at

***Commercial, Industrial, & Multi-family properties are required to submit, yearly, between January 1 – March 1, an Annual Report which accounts for the amount of designated recyclable materials collected for the previous year

Send an email and one of our representatives will contact you if you have difficulty identifying which applies to you.