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    Business Recycling Plan and Report (Environment)

      No. If your business does not provide trash containers for customer use, you are not required to provide recycling containers.

      No. Commingled or Single Stream Recycling is allowed if it’s not contaminated with non-recyclable waste. You may want to designate a staff person as Recycling Coordinator for your office, business or complex, to monitor collection sites and ensure compliance.

      No. Containers and collection services are only provided to residents within the County’s Solid Waste Program.

      No. The County offers a number of suggestions and models available electronically on our website. Visit our waste and recycling toolkit here

      An Inspector from Prince George’s County Resource Recovery Division may visit your facility to conduct a compliance investigation. A lack of signage or lack of any required recycling containers, failure to submit the required recycling plan or annual report, or other violations may result in a non-compliance citation. Local municipal enforcement officials may also visit businesses or properties within their jurisdiction to ensure compliance.

      The cost for recycling collection is contingent upon the volume of recycled materials, frequency of pickup, # of containers, location and other factors.  Contact your current Trash Hauler to speak with them regarding establishing a recycling collection program at your location.

      You may contact the Resource Recovery Division, Recycling Section at recyclingplan@co.pg.md.us to request an appointment to assist you in setting up your program if necessary. 

      Alternatively, you can click here to see “10 Tips to Setting up a Successful Recycling Program.”


      If you need further assistance figuring out your requirements or setting up a recycling program, email recyclingplan@co.pg.md.us  to send a request for assistance to our office.

      You may contact the Resource Recovery Division, Recycling Section, recyclingplan@co.pg.md.us to request an appointment to assist you in setting up your program if necessary. 

      Exterior recycling containers, for designated recyclable materials, are the responsibility of the Property Owner.  Any enforcement issues concerning the exterior would be addressed to the Property Owner.

      Under Section 21-152 – Penalties:  Any person or entity who violates Section 21-149 or Section 21-149.01 of this Code is deemed to have committed a civil violation and shall pay to the County a civil monetary fine…  Each separate day of violation that remains uncorrected is a distinct civil violation subject to an additional citation and fine.  Fines can range from $100.00 up to $1000.00 daily.

      Business entities dispose of the designated Recyclable Materials into the containers provided by the Property Owner. It would be duplicative to have them submit an Annual Report since the Property Owner provides that information.