Events and Webinars

Stay up to date and take advantage of every Level Up event! And don’t miss the webinars provided by our health plan vendors and partners.

March 2021 - Nutrition Month

  • WEBINAR: The Powers of Produce (Recording)
    Learn why mom was right about the amazing properties in eating your fruits and veggies. This webinar will discuss antioxidants, phytochemicals, and how to make sure you’re getting enough of the good stuff in your diet!
  • WEBINAR: Portion Distortion (Recording)
    Do you know how today's portions compare to portions available 20 years ago? Learn what true portion sizes really are, and the amount of physical activity required to burn off the extra calories provided by today's portions.
  • WEBINAR: Jumpstart Your Metabolism (Recording)
    How does metabolism work? What can you do to boost it to higher levels and lose weight? Learn tips to increase your metabolism naturally and without the use of supplements.
  • WEBINAR: Supermarket Savvy (Recording)
    What goes in your cart goes in your body! What is the relationship of food, diet & health? Learn how to shop smart by reading food labels for healthy food choices & making easy shopping substitutions.

June 2020 - Men’s Health Month

  • Men’s Health Resources (PDF)
  • Men’s Health Goals (PDF)
  • Men’s Health Week (PDF)
  • Regular Check-Ups Save Lives (PDF)

May 2020 - Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Introduction to Mental Health (PDF)
  • Stress and Depression (PDF)
  • Grief and Anxiety (PDF)
  • Mental Health Resources (PDF)
  • Take Control of Your Stress - visualize the stress you’re feeling, and get suggestions for making a plan tailored to your level of stress.
  • Mental Health Quiz - increase your knowledge and understanding, and see if you can separate the myths from the facts.