Interactive Displays

The Community Outreach Promoting Empowerment Section’s (COPE’s) interactive displays bring sustainable “edutainment” to your school or event. Each COPE display can be adjusted for different age groups from elementary school-aged children to adults. The following interactive displays are currently available:

  •  The Enviroscape is a model watershed that demonstrates how rainwater becomes polluted and what we can do to be better watershed stewards. Learn the “3 S’s” of stormwater: slow it down, spread it out, and soak it in. Note for Teachers: If you want several classes to participate it is easiest to keep the Enviroscape in 1 location and move the students through.
  •  The Trash Game invites you to guess how long it takes for various objects to degrade and emphasizes the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and proper waste disposal. Learn how to “slam dunk the junk” and keep your school or community litter-free.
  •  The Plastic Bottle Rain Gauge Activity creates rain gauges from used bottles, turning “trash to treasure.” This can be presented as a simple craft anyone can do, or it can kick off student investigations into stormwater. 
  •  The Plinko Game poses questions on a variety of topics, or it can focus on 1 subject (e.g. trees) in greater depth. Test your knowledge and compete for prizes!
  •  The Harvest the Wind’s Energy Activity uses easily constructed pinwheels to introduce kids to wind energy. Younger kids can decorate their pinwheel, and older kids can assemble their own. (Coming in 2016)

COPE’s interactive programs are available on a first come - first served basis. There is no charge. To schedule a program email Deborah Weller, or call 301-883-7161.