Energy Efficiency Grant

Sustainable Energy will stop accepting ALL Clean Energy Program grant applications beginning June 24, 2022 and issue final fiscal year 2022 pre-qualifications on June 30, 2022. This moratorium is due to the mandatory fiscal year close out process and relocation of Sustainable Energy to a new agency in fiscal year 2023. We expect to recommence accepting and prequalifying applications in the future and will keep you up-to-date on changes.

Download Energy Efficiency Application (PDF)

The Clean Energy Program, Energy Efficiency grant award provides up to $7,500 in funds for residential energy efficiency measures, in addition to Pepco and Washington Gas incentives. The maximum grant award amount is $7,500 (for gas and electric incentives), of which $5,000 can be allocated towards electric incentives and $2,500 toward natural gas incentives, and up to 50% of total grant award amount ($3,750) can be allocated towards air sealing and insulation (does not include ancillary equipment like baffles/ventilation)

Energy Efficiency Grant Eligibility 

To qualify for the grant award, residents must:

I. Be a Prince George’s County resident.

II. Be a Pepco and/or be a Washington Gas customer.

To be eligible for this grant award, you will need to show proof of being a Pepco customer, as evidenced by a recent copy (within the last 3 months) of your electric utility bill if applying for electric incentives only; or be both Pepco and Washington Gas customer if applying for both electric and gas incentives.  Paper copies of the bills are typically mailed to the customer's address on record.  For Pepco customers with internet access, account information is available via Pepco’s account portal:, and Washington Gas customers can access their accounts via the Washington Gas’ account portal:

III. Live in a single-family, townhouse residence, or condominium* (please see Section II for more details) that is individually metered  (built before March 23, 2016), in one of the following designated Energy Resiliency Communities (ERC): Bladensburg - East Riverdale; Forestville;  Hillcrest Heights - Marlow Heights; Kentland - Palmer Park; Oxon Hill – Glassmanor; Silver Hill; Suitland - Coral Hills; Langley Park; and Woodlawn – West Lanham.

To confirm you are in one of the ERC communities, you must look up your address by using the ERC Address Locator: (Energy Resiliency Communities (ERC) Address Locator ( Please note the ERC Address Locator is the definitive tool for determining the eligibility of an application. 

IV. The energy audit report must demonstrate, without direct install measures, that the project will achieve 15% energy savings or greater (kWh and energy cost) for applications requesting electric and gas incentives. Cost-effectiveness is taken into consideration as well.