Energy Efficiency Grant and Exelon/PHI Merger


                                             "Transforming Our Communities, One Kilowatt at a Time​"

On May 15, 2015, Maryland Public Service Commission (MD PSC) approved the Exelon/PHI merger and upon closure of the merger on March 23, 2016, Prince George's County residents and businesses began receiving millions of dollars in benefits such as rate credits, low income bill assistance, and enhance reliability.  The programs listed below are also funded by the Exelon/PHI merger. 

Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) Clean Energy Grant
The TNI Clean Energy Grant Program joins the Office of the County Executive efforts to uplift nine neighborhoods that face significant economic, health, public safety and educational challenges by offering residents of these nine communities that are Pepco customers, the ability to apply for grants to perform energy efficiency retrofits and subsequently, install solar photovoltaic (PV). To learn more, select Apply for Grants TODAY!

Energy Star Certification & Green Leasing Grant
The program provide grants to existing office and multifamily building owners, that are Pepco customers, to perform energy and water efficiency retrofits and obtain the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star certification. Additionally, the building owners are to adopt various best practices in Green Leasing to motivate landlords and tenants to engage in energy efficient practices. To learn more, select Apply for Grants TODAY!

Sustainable Energy Workforce Development (SWEDP)
SEWDP will play a critical role in establishing and advanced energy industry in the County building employment capacity in the energy sector. It unites the business community with training institutions, community-based organizations, and the local workforce development board to provide work-based learning and occupational skills training to prepare eligible Prince George's County residents, within the Pepco service territory, for employment in the sustainable energy sector. To learn more, visit sustainable energy job training.

Energizing Student Potential (Energy Literacy)
Energizing Student Potential (ESP) is a collaborative educational initiative designed to empower young students to explore opportunities in STEM fields. An innovative partnership between the Exelon Foundation, Pepco, Prince George’s County Public Schools, Prince George’s County Office of Central Services ‐ Sustainable Energy, and the energy curriculum and STEM expertise of the National Energy Education Development (NEED) are collaborating with schools serving diverse student populations to participate in the program in this first pilot period. Students in grades 3-5 from 18 schools area participating in the program pilot.

Green Energy Loan Fund
On behalf of OCS – Sustainable Energy, FSC First (a U.S. Treasury Community Development Financial Institution) is serving as the Fund Manager and provides loan guaranty to participating lenders to compel them to provide financing for sustainable energy projects located in the Pepco service territory. Eligible projects include but are not limited to: solar, storage and other behind-the-meter and distributed generation; energy-efficiency and whole home solutions; utility 2.0; resiliency measures; microgrids; water conservation in buildings; clean transportation; community solar; and similar developing energy technologies. APPLY FOR A LOAN TODAY!