Reduction Credits

 Summary of Reduction Credits Available

 Property Type
Total Percent (%) Reduction* in Impervious Area Fee
Type of Impervious Area Treated by Best Management Practice or Environmental Site Design  Percent (%) Reduction* 
Single-Family Residential, Multi-Family (Apartments), or Condominium Properties
Up to 100%
Roof Up to 40%
Driveway or Parking Lot Up to 50%
All 'Other' Impervious Areas (sidewalks, sheds, patios, pool decks, etc.) Up to 10%
Non-Residential (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)
Up to 100% Roof Up to 25%
Driveway or Parking Lot Up to 45%
Green Lawn Up to 5%
Other Legacy Pond 15-25% (depending upon year installed)
'Other' Determined by County
*Clean Water Act Fee reduction credits apply only to the Impervious Area Fee; the Administrative Fee of $20.58 per tax account per year still applies.