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Waste & Recycling Information

Complaint Investigation

Prince George's County Health Department investigates complaints regarding:

  • Sewage disposal system failures, public sewer overflows (in conjunction with Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission/WSSC )
  • Pollution of County streams and waterways
  • Improper disposal of oil, household waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste and special medical wastes

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Most complaints of overflowing public sewers running into storm drains and streams are the result of some sort of blockage. Most of the time that blockage is a result of grease, which usually comes from a food service facility that is not maintaining its grease abatement system or from apartment complexes. Learn more about reducing Fats, Oils, and Grease in the sewer system.


Prince George's County Health Department provides several services to residents and businesses as part of the Environmental Engineering Program, including:

  • Reviewing applications and issue Monitoring Well Permits
  • Inspecting landfills, rubble fills and all trash trucks and recycling trucks licensed to operate within the County
  • Reviewing applications for proposed sewage sludge utilization sites
  • Inspecting existing and proposed sewage sludge utilization sites
  • Assisting licensing authorities in the enforcement of State and County solid waste regulations
  • Monitoring the cleanup of hazardous waste sites, and
  • Providing information to those inquiring about the proper disposal of hazardous substances stored in the home and locations of waste oil collection sites.

For license and permit applications, visit the Prince George's County Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) Health Forms page.