Resource Recovery Division

A division of the Department of the Environment (DoE), the mission of the Resource Recovery Division is to manage the collection, recycling, reduction and disposal of municipal solid waste in an efficient, cost-effective and safe manner, while complying with all Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.

The Resource Recovery Division works to improve our environment by providing recycling and the effective management of trash, yard trim, household hazardous waste and bulky materials. The county is fulfilling its goals of protecting our natural resources while promoting a better quality of life for our community by ensuring cleaner water and air quality.

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ALERT - New bulky trash collections are now in effect. Residents receiving County-provided services can NOW place two (2) oversize items directly NEXT to the trash cart/can for collection.



PGC Composts

Prince George's is expanding its free Curbside Composting program - PGC Composts! Starting this fall, eligible residents in south, central and north County can help protect our environment and keep valuable materials out of our landfill by participating.

Learn more at

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Recycling During the COVID-19 Pandemic


What do I do with my old curbside trash toter?

With the delivery of the new trash toters, residents may be wondering what to do with their old, unwanted residential trash cans. Here is how to recycle or dispose of them.
  • Repurpose your old trash can by using it as a yard trim can or extra recycling can (mark with an "X" or word "Recycling")
  • Deliver (bring) your old can to one of the two convenience centers for the Prince George's County Public Schools to repurpose and/or for the County to recycle as rigid plastics or scrap metal. The convenience centers areBrown Station Road Public container Pad and Recycling Areaand Missouri Avenue Solid Waste Acceptance and Recycling Center.
  • Set the can upside down on your trash collection day, with a sign/note stating “Take with Trash”, and the trash hauler will collect the old trash can which will be disposed of as trash.
  • For more information, contact PGC311.