Interior Nat Harbor

Addressing Climate Change

  • Climate Action

    Learn about the County's initiatives, programs, and policies aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change and promoting a sustainable future. Access the Climate Action Plan (CAP), resources, and reports to stay informed on addressing climate change.

  • Climate-Smart Commodities

    Pilot program to provide funding for farmers in underserved communities, reduce barriers to farm owners/operators and contribute to the availability of healthy food throughout the County (currently under development). 

  • Curbside Composting

    Understand the benefits of composting and reduce waste in an environmentally friendly way with the Curbside Composting program, PGC Composts! Includes accepted materials and how to properly prepare them for collection, with FAQs and more. 

  • Electric Vehicles (EV) & Charging Stations 

    Resources for residents interested in transitioning to electric vehicles, including incentives and charging station infrastructure. Adopting the use of EVs as a sustainable transportation option helps reduce emissions and improve air quality.

  • Energy Efficiency Grant (Homeowners)

    This program incentivizes energy-efficient upgrades for residential properties. Details provided on eligibility criteria, application process, and the types of projects that qualify, to help property owners make energy-efficient improvements while reducing their environmental impact.

  • Flooding and Water

    Information about flooding and water management, including floodplain management, emergency preparedness, and County efforts to protect water resources through various initiatives.

  • Legislative Updates

    Legislative updates related to environmental laws and regulations in Prince George's, such as recent changes, proposed bills, and updates on environmental policies.

  • Litter Reduction & Illegal Dumping

    Read about the Beautification Initiative and County efforts that reduce litter and illegal dumping to limit environmental damage caused by unnecessary waste and single-use plastics.

  • Planting Trees

    Resources for individuals or groups interested in planting trees throughout the County and highlighting the importance of growing the tree canopy to promote sustainability, improve air quality, and enhance the overall quality of life.

  • Rain Check Rebates

    This program offers incentives to residents to help manage stormwater runoff and mitigate climate change by installing practices on their properties, such as rain barrels, rain gardens, and permeable pavement, to reduce flooding and improve water quality.

  • Sustainable Energy Program

    Learn about sustainable energy initiatives and the County's commitment to renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint. Includes resources for residents and businesses to transition to clean energy, such as solar panels and energy-efficiency upgrades.