Recycling Center

Business Recycling
With single-stream recycling, all recyclable materials are placed in the same container. Single-stream recycling provides County businesses with many benefits.

Curbside Composting
Welcome to PGC Composts! Learn about the County's compost program and review pertinent materials such as the How-To Guide, acceptable food and yard trim items and compostable liners, FAQ, and other information to ensure participant success.

Learn more about the recycling, waste, and composting centers in the County and the materials accepted through the programs. Includes Electronics Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste acceptance sites (located within the landfill) and residential public Convenience Centers 

Recycling & Waste Toolkit
This toolkit contains information you need to help you divert waste and recycle to the max.

Residential Recycling
The Resource Recovery Division provides curbside recycling collection for more than 191,000 County residents.

Recycling Tips
Learn ways to reduce waste, donate your excess materials, and how you can green your home by using green cleaning products. Includes Reuse & Recycling alternatives.

Yard Trim Collection
The weekly curbside collection of yard trim is year-round. Yard trim includes grass clippings, leaves, small branches, brush, and Christmas trees.