Blue Carts & Yellow Bins

All recycling carts and bins are the property of Prince George's County Government (with the exception of an additional cart purchased by the resident).
  • Cart serial numbers are registered to specific addresses.
  • The blue recycling carts allow for larger quantities of recyclables to be placed in one container.
  • Carts keep the contents dry.
  • Carts are easy to wheel out to the curb.
  • Place the cart with the lift bar facing the street.
  • Do not overfill or overload the cart so that the lid does not close.
  • Be sure to tilt the cart to engage the wheels when moving it; do not drag the cart.
  • Residents may continue to use the yellow recycling bin to recycle.
  • To report a damaged cart or bin, call 301-952-7630 for a replacement.
  • Carts found to be defaced or used for trash collection will be confiscated by the county and will not be replaced.