Blue Carts & Yellow Bins

NOTE: "The delivery of current backlog of Recycling Carts is due to be completed in the Spring of this year. New requests received after that will be handled as they come in."

All recycling carts and bins are the property of Prince George's County Government (with the exception of an additional cart purchased by the resident).
  • Cart serial numbers are registered to specific addresses.
  • The blue recycling carts allow for larger quantities of recyclables to be placed in one container.
  • Carts keep the contents dry.
  • Carts are easy to wheel out to the curb.
  • Place the cart with the lift bar facing the street.
  • Do not overfill or overload the cart so that the lid does not close.
  • Be sure to tilt the cart to engage the wheels when moving it; do not drag the cart.
  • Residents may continue to use the yellow recycling bin to recycle.
  • To report a damaged cart or bin, call 301-952-7630 for a replacement.
  • Carts found to be defaced or used for trash collection will be confiscated by the county and will not be replaced