Recycling and Waste Collection Toolkit

This toolkit includes materials that can be downloaded to educate citizens and residents about recycling and waste collection.  Click on the title to access your free flyer or guide.

DoE Brochure: 10 Tips to Help Keep Our County Clean and Green  

Single-Stream Recycling: Recycle Smart
Single-Stream Recycling:  Don't Put it in the Bin
Single-Stream Recycling: Residential Recycling Banner
Single-Stream Recycling: What Not to Recycle
Single-Stream Recycling: Tuesday Tip - Pledge to Recycle
Single-Stream Recycling: Tuesday Tip - Recycle Your Old Electronics
Single-Stream Recycling: All Together Now!

Plastic Bags: Return to Sender
Plastic Bags: Return to Sender Banner

Bulky Trash: Bulk it Up

Business Recycling: Recycling Contamination Compliance
Business Recycling: Property Recycling Facts

Styrofoam: FoamFree in PGC

Litter: LitterTrak PGC
Litter: Tuesday Tip - Reduce Your Paper Waste
Litter: Recycle your Garbage
Litter: Let's Make A Litter-Free PGC


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