Public Safety


Upper Marlboro, MD 20772


Integrity and Compliance 

1301 McCormick Drive
Suite B3-082
Largo, MD 20774

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

(301) 780-2586

(301) 560-5610

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bennett, Anthony C. Inspector General & Director      


13400 Dille Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

301-952-7164 / 301-952-7025

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Labbé, Corenne Director      
Hayes, Lt. Shikeya ADA Coordinator 301-952-2364  


9201 Basil Court, Suite 452
Largo, MD 20774



8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


7915 Anchor Street
Landover, MD 20785


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Gill, Jr., Ronald E. Director of Homeland Security 301-324-4400  


8801 Police Plaza
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency Police Dispatch:301-352-1200

Police Information: 301-516-9777

County Resources: 311

Crisis Hotline: 211

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Aziz, Malik Chief of Police 301-772-4740  
Holden, Alberta Custodian of Records (4923 43rd Ave, Hyattsville, MD, 20781) 301-985-3638  
Hale III, Vernon Assistant Chief of Police 301-772-4740  
McCreary, James Deputy Chief, Bureau of Patrol 301-772-4750  
Ordono, Felipe Deputy Chief, Bureau of Investigation & Forensic Science 301-772-4770  
Price, Christian Deputy Chief, Bureau of Homeland Security & Intelligence 301-772-4760  
Webster, Lakina Deputy Chief, Bureau of Administration 301-772-4758  
Addis, Bryan Commander, Special Crimes Division 301-772-4244  
Ahmed, Manzur Asst. Commander, Homeland Security Division 301-516-9932  
Batth, Sukhjit Asst. Commander, Special Crimes Division 301-772-4221  
Blazer, David Commander, Major Crimes Division 301-516-2503  
Badiru, Christopher Asst. Commander, IAD Administrative Investigations 301-516-9919  
Benson, Kyle Asst. Operations Commander, Bureau of Patrol 301-516-6913  
Bryant, Lovita Asst. Commander, Training & Education Division 301-516-5602  
Burroughs, Sean Asst. Commander, Crime Scene Investigations Division 301-386-8087  
Carson, Levi Executive Officer, Bureau of Administration 301-516-6918  
Cline, Anthony Executive Officer, Bureau of Homeland Security & Intelligence 301-516-4734  
Coleman, David Asst. Commander, Office of 21st Century Policing 301-516-9940  
Collins, Nicholas Commander, Recruiting & Background Division 301-516-3248  
Cotterman, Christina Asst Manager, Media Relations Division 301-516-9976  
Davis, Mertina Manager, Latent Print Unit 301-985-3480  
Dolihite, Todd Asst. Commander, Strategic Investigations Division 301-456-3047  
Durm, Brian Commander, Division 2 (Bowie) 301-390-2150  
Ebaugh, Michael Asst. Commander, Division 1 Investigations 301-699-2604  
Fischer, Brian Manager, Media Relations Division 301-516-9975  
Fisher, Jason Commander, Division 6 (Beltsville) 301- 937-0910  
Fowble, Brian Asst. Chief of Staff, Office of the Chief 301-516-4721  
Giles, Lakisha Budget Manager 301-516-5973  
Goldring, Glenn Commander, Division 5 Clinton 301-856-3130  
Gomez, Katina Commander, Homeland Security Division 301-516-9931  
Graves, Jewell Manager, Police Personnel Division 301-516-6940  
Greene, William Manager, Crime Scene Investigations Division 301-386-8050  
Hansen, David Asst. Commander, Division 8 Investigations 301-516-5220  
Harley, Thomas Asst. Commander, Division 4 301-749-4909  
Hendershot, Thomas Asst. Commander, Division 5 301-856-3130  
Keleti, James Commander, Division 1 (Hyattsville) 301-699-2626  
Lane, Angela Asst. Commander, Narcotics Enforcement Division 301-883-6805  
Lease, Kristen Manager, Forensic Sciences Division 301-583-7188  
Lee, Alan Manager, Information Technology Division 301-516-9964  
Lightner, Todd Commander, Division 4 (Oxon Hill) 301-749-4911  
Magee, Charles Commander, Training & Education Division 301-516-5601  
Martin, Phillip Asst. Commander, Division 6 301-902-2077  
Massey, Rogers Commander, Special Operations Division 301-731-4422  
McCreary, Erica Asst. Commander, Special Operations Division 301-731-4422  
Melby, Chad Asst. Commander, Division 8 301-516-5215  
Mitchell, Jeffrey Commander, Division 7 (Ft. Washington) 301-292-5343  
Mrotek, Sunny Commander, Strategic Investigations Division 301-516-2903  
Nealon, Robert Commander, Division 3 (Landover) 301-772-4920  
Nolle, Michael Commander, Office of Community 1st 301-516-9942  
O'Lare, Zachary Executive Officer, Bureau of Investigations & Forensic Science 301-516-9985  
Parker, Ralph Asst. Commander, Special Operations Division 301-731-4422  
Powell, Keisha Asst. Commander, Division 2 Investigations 301-390-2152  
Preston, LaJoy Manager, Psychological Services Division 301-883-62250  
Rickert, Travis Executive Officer, Bureau of Patrol 301-516-6912  
Rollo, Molly Manager, DNA Laboratory 301-772-4211  
Ross, Jeff Asst. Commander, IAD Special Invest Response Team 301-516-9919  
Schmick, Chad Commander, Narcotics Enforcement Division 301-883-6800  
Selway, Brian Asst. Commander, Records Management Division 301-985-3638  
Selway, Danielle Asst. Commander, Division 6 Investigations 301-902-2082  
Serpas, Saul Asst. Commander, Division 1 301-699-2604  
Singh, Harkirat Asst. Commander, Major Crimes Division 301-516-2503  
Smith, Jason Asst. Operations Commander, Bureau of Homeland Security & Intelligence 301-516-9986  
Smith, Michael Asst. Operations Commander, Office of the Asst. Chief 301-516-6911  
Smith, Susan Commander, Police Personnel Division 301-516-6939  
Snyder, Mathew Asst. Commander, Division 2 301-390-2153  
Stanley, James Asst. Commander, Property Warehouse Division 301-368-8000  
Swonger, Jordan Executive Officer, Office of the Assistant Chief 301-516-9984  
Tongue, Kevin Commander, Records Management Division 301-985-3661  
Truxon, Corey Commander, Internal Affairs Division 301-516-9919  
Tyson, Calvin Asst. Commander, Division 3 301-772-4413  
Waddy, Shawne Commander, 21st Century Policing Division 301-516-9939  
Watkins, Art'z Chief of Staff, Office of the Chief 301-516-5982  
Watson, Trevel Commander, Division 8 (Westphalia) 301-516-5220  
Wiles, Koby Asst. Commander, Division 3 Investigations 240-691-8432  
Winegardner, Craig Asst. Commander, Division 4 Investigations 301-749-4972  
Young, Joseph Manager, Firearms Examination Unit 301-772-4613  

Administrative Charging Committee 

9200 Basil Ct.
Largo, MD 20774



5303 Chrysler Way
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772



Link: Sheriff's Office Page

Teletype/Records/After Hours
Phone: 301-780-8500

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Carr, John D. B. Sheriff 301-780-8600  
Crumb, Elizabeth E. M. Chief Assistant Sheriff 301-780-8603  
Nichols, George A. Bureau of Professional Accountability 301-780-8639  
Taifouri, Lt. Adam Custodian of Records 301-780-2766