Kathleen E. Driver


Kathleen E. Driver is the President and Chief Business Coach for Mind Your Business LLC, a consulting firm assisting small business owners to start, grow and brand their business. Ms. Driver is the host of her own Face Book Live and YouTube show, “Savvy,” which is an international platform that features entrepreneurs, authors and people with a passion. As a certified Public Access TV Producer, Ms. Driver volunteers her expertise in various crew positions supporting fellow Prince George’s County Public Access Producers with the delivery of quality programming for the residents of Prince George’s County. Also a self-published author, Ms. Driver guides aspiring authors one-on-on and through structured workshops to develop and publishing their literary works.

Commissioner Kathleen E. Driver

Career Experience

Kathleen E. Driver has been a business owner in Prince George’s County for more than 20 years. Ms. Driver started her first Information Technology consulting firm in 1996 as the sole employee and would later grow the consulting firm to 14 employees providing services to large healthcare organizations across the country for 8 years until the firm was acquired by a larger consulting firm. As a business owner, Ms. Driver continues to provide project management consulting and business coaching services.


As a project manager with more than 25 years of experience, Ms. Driver has a proven successful track record of leading large, complex and integrated projects and teams of 5 members to 50. Ms. Driver uses her analytical and project management skills as a business coach, community volunteer and to produce quality TV programming. As a solutions architect, Ms. Driver uses excellent listening and communications skills to execute and deliver quality solutions.


Kathleen E. Driver received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Virginia State University.