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Administrative Charging Committee

About the Board

The Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) serves to improve the disciplinary process of law enforcement officers to include independent assessments of citizen-driven police misconduct-related complaints. The goal of the ACC and the trial boards will be to develop uniformity, fairness, and transparency in disciplinary sanctions against officers found guilty of misconduct thereby increasing overall accountability and the community’s trust in the process.  

Scope and Authority

The ACC shall review the findings of law enforcement agencies’ investigations of external complaints and determine if the officer(s) involved shall be or not be administratively charged in the matter. If charged, the ACC shall recommend the appropriate discipline in accordance and conjunction with the agency’s disciplinary matrix and the Md. Annotated Code Public Safety Section 3-105. If not charged, the ACC must determine if the allegations are unfounded or if the officer is exonerated. The ACC shall, within 30 day’s completion of the investigating unit’s review, issue a written opinion that details its findings, determinations, and recommendations. The ACC shall meet once per month, or as needed.  

For questions or concerns, please contact the Prince George’s County Administrative Charging Committee by email at or by phone at (301)-583-9992.



Kelvin Davall


Kelvin Davall, Chair                  









Cardell Montague



Cardell Montague, Vice Chair     









Serenity Garnette



Serenity Garnette









Natalie Stephenson



Natalie Stephenson









William (Bill) Scott



William (Bill) Scott









Isabel Williams - Program Admin



Isabel Williams, Program Administrator











Roger Thomas









ACC Support Staff

  • Kevin Hughes - Civilian Investigator
  • Meredith Bingley - Civilian Investigator
  • Roxanna Muller - Paralegal
  • Miles White - Paralegal
  • Jeanne Cunningham Braddy - Executive Aide

Meetings and Agendas

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The Committee has completed training and is actively reviewing investigations. Presently, the Committee does not have a backlog, and the cases that are submitted will be reviewed immediately. To date, the ACC has reviewed 214 cases.

The Committee issued a letter of policy recommendation topics to the Police Accountability Board.

2023 ACC Report